My fave low calorie meals🍎

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! I hope you are all well! Recently, I have decided to change up my lifestyle a bit because I was eating really badly and just not exercising before so just wanted to completely change that. So currently I have been working out 6 days a week and calorie counting in order to make sure that my diet is more balanced and I have genuinely been really enjoying it! So I thought that today I would share with you all some of my favourite simple, low calorie meals at the moment. Let’s get into it!


Breakfast is probably my favourite meal of the day because I just always wake up hungry and so I like to make things that I know will keep me full up and the recipes that I am about to share with you definitely do that!

Banana Oat Pancakes

These pancakes are super simple to make which I like in the morning, because they only require 3 ingredients! They really dont take long to make and honestly taste so good. You can kind of make them whatever you want by adding various toppings once they are cooked but personally I just like to drizzle some honey over the top for sweetness and just slice a banana too and it is so good. You never have to miss out on yummy pancakes again! To make the mixture you need: 1 banana, a cup of oats and 2 eggs. Just mix it all together and they are ready to stack!

Baked oats

This is an amazing breakfast/snack that I only recently discovered to be honest but I made this the other day and it was so nice and definitely filling enough to start off your day! I followed a basic recipe online which consisted of 1/2 cup of oats, 1/2 cup of milk (I used plant based milk and it works just as well) and 1 tsp of sweetener (I used honey) and then again you can add whatever extras you like for a specific flavour. When I made this the other day, I just added a kinder bar and baked for 20- 30 minutes and it all melted so nicely and it tasted incredible! I definitely recommend giving this a go, especially if you have a busy day ahead of you.


There are various different kinds of lunches that I will have now depending on how I feel or how many calories I want to use at this time.

Cous cous

This is one that I will have when using a higher amount of calories (if I’m more hungry or having a smaller dinner). So I like to just make up about half a packet of vegetable cous cous that you just add water to and then have it with some hummus and veggies/crackers. This is such a nice lunch on a hot day because it is cold and actually quite light and is so easy to make! So if you are a fan of hummus then I certainly recommend ( I tend to use reduced fat hummus)!

‘Packed lunch’

So this next one is quite weird and you will probably all think that I am a bit childish but most days if I am at home or even travelling somewhere I like to just have a couple of picnic type or lunchbox vibe things. So I like to either have a wholemeal sandwich thin or a thin bagel with a piece of fruit, maybe a yhogurt and some kind of low calorie snack! There are quite a few snack choices that I have discovered so if you would like another post about low cal snacks then let me know and I will definitely do that! So you can literally make this lunch fit to whatever you fancy really and again it is so easy.


Tortilla pizza

Before I tried this meal, I was so unaware of how much you can actually do with a tortilla wrap because it is just a really thin, low calorie bread essentially. So I discovered this recipe through pinch of nom (their recipes are all incredible and super easy by the way so be sure to check them out!) and it is so genius for a pizza lover like me. For this meal, you literally need a wrap, tomato puree, cheese and whatever toppings you would like. You put the tomato puree and your toppings on one half of the wrap, fold it over, egg wash for crispness and cook for about 10 minutes! So it is basically a low calorie calzone and it tastes so good!


‘Eaton mess’

This take on an Eaton mess is my new favourite dessert by far! For this I just use some form of meringue, greek yhogurt or cream depending how healthy you want to be, strawberries and then something to sweeten/drizzle over the top so I just tend to use a bit of chocolate sauce and it tastes so amazing! I just crush all the meringue up, chop up a few strawberries and it makes a great dessert to end the day on and it is still quite light. If you try any of these recipes from todays post, I definitely recommend this one!

The other dessert that I like to have at the end of the day is even easier to make! So I am a fan of the fibre one brownies that you can find in most supermarkets I believe and they are only 90 calories per cake (and they are the perfect size). I like to warm one of these up for maybe 30 seconds, it doesn’t take long and then have a little bit of low fat cream with it and it’s great. Feels like you’re having a slice of yummy cake and they are currently selling them in birthday cake flavour too which is so nice!

So guys those are all the best, easy, low calorie meals that I have tried and loved so far! I hope you have enjoyed and maybe even discovered some new things to try because experimenting with food is fun sometimes. If you do give any of these a go then please do tag me on instagram because I would love to see them! Thank you for reading, goodbye!

Get To Know Me – 73 quick fire questions✨

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! I hope you are all doing well! So for this weeks post I wanted to do the 73 quick fire questions which was created by vogue initially and I hadn’t seen it for a while actually. Earlier this week, I watched Brogan Tate’s YouTube video doing this and loved it and thought it was really fun so I wanted to share my answers today and hopefully it will be a good way for any of you that are new here to get to know me a bit better. So let’s get into it!

1) What is the best thing that has happened to you this month? Me and my family have actually found a suitable new house earlier this month which is pretty exciting so we will hopefully be moving in soon. Definitely expect a lot of moving/new home content soon!

2) What is your favourite board game? I am quite a fan of a good old board game but I would say my two faves are probably the game of life or chess to be honest if that counts haha!

3) When do you feel most inspired? I definitely feel most inspired in the mornings when I have a clear mind and am planning my day.

4) What school subject would you teach? I would love to teach sociology because it was my absolute favourite subject when I was at school!

5) What is your favourite beverage? I would probably say that my favourite drink is coffee because I do have it every day and love it but it’s certainly best when its iced, no doubt about that.

6) What is the best compliment you have ever received? The best compliment I have ever received is probably about how organized and prepared I am because I love to be!

7) What is your favourite birthday cake? That is easy, my favourite cake any day is chocolate cake!

8) What is one thing that you kept from your childhood? My mum actually kept a lot of things from my childhood, she has made boxes full of memories and things that I made or loved which is so nice to look back on.

9) What is your favourite movie? Either Moana or Tangled but I just love a bit of disney in general really.

10) What is something that you cant do? I have never been very good at dancing, I just look silly when I even try haha!

11) Window or aisle seat? I have only ever actually flown once but if I did it again now I think I would prefer the window purely because of the amazing views.

12) What makes you laugh? Hands down always Jack! (My fiancee) He never fails to make me laugh no matter what mood I’m in.

13) What does creativity mean to you? I love this question! To me creativity means putting all of your energy into a passion and coming up with amazing, original ideas.

14) What is your favourite song? This changes all the time but at the moment I would probably say ‘Dreams’ by Ella Eyre and Yxng Bane.

15) What is your favourite holiday? I would have to say that christmas is my all time favourite festive holiday although summer is my favourite season!

16) What is heavily played on your playlist? Right now I probably listen to either the 1975 or Ella Eyres new music most, I just love both so much.

17) If you could raid one woman’s closet, who’s would it be? That is a hard question but I literally love the fashion sense of both Rachael Leary and Jordan Lipscombe so probably either of those gorgeous girls!

18) What is your must have purse item? Aside from all of the usual things that you obviously have to carry, it would most likely be either a lip balm or nice body spray.

19) What did you want to be growing up? I’m not 100% sure to be honest but I do remember going through a phase of thinking that for some reason I wanted to be a teacher which I dont think I could actually do now haha!

20) What is something you will not be doing in 10 years time? I mean I would like to think that at 28, I wont still be waitressing as a job or still living at home.

21) What is an important life lesson that you will teach your children? Just to do whatever makes you happy, not anyone else.

22) How do you start your day? When I’m not in a rush, I always start my mornings off nicely by having a nice breakfast and checking my socials.

23) Would you ever live anywhere else? So I currently live in a small seaside town which I love but I do see myself moving to a slightly bigger place that is still on the coast like Brighton maybe?

24) What is your favourite dessert? Wow dessert is my fave meal of the day so that’s hard but I think I would have to say cheesecake because no matter what flavour it is I will generally devour it! But I do also love brownies or a classic cake.

25) What is one dessert that you dont like? Now there aren’t many of these I’m not gonna lie but one thing that I cannot stand is any kind of fruit cake! I like fruit and cake separately but just dont like them together for some reason.

26) What is your go to brunch order? I am a big fan of classic american pancakes so anywhere that I go that sells them I will definitely order them.

27) What is the best holiday you have ever been on? This isnt an exciting holiday abroad necessarily but last summer I went on a weeks holiday to Newquay in Devon with my family and it was so fun and relaxing. I absolutely loved it and the views incredible!

28) What is your favourite disney animal? Now this is really hard because I love them all but I would probably say Pascal from Tangled.

29) What is a book that you are planning on reading? I wouldn’t say planning because honestly recently I have been awful at reading and just haven’t really felt like picking up a book but a book that I would like to read is ‘Good vibes, good life’ by vex king.

30) What was your most recent read? To be honest I have no idea of the last time that I actually read a book because of my lack of motivation that I just mentioned so I’m not sure!

31) Who is your favourite solo artist? At the moment I would probably say that I have been enjoying Ariana Grande as per usual.

32) What is something that you are tired of? Definitely lockdown!

33) What is a city that you would like to visit? In the uk, I actually haven’t ever been to Manchester so would like to go there but globally, I dont know if it counts more as a state than a city, I would love to visit New York one day!

34) Heels or flats? Flats all the way! I never wear anything other than trainers haha.

35) The perfect road trip? I am yet to go on a road trip but when I can I would absolutely love to do one along the coast of America😍.

36) What do I do on a rainy day? On a rainy day my favourite thing to do is watch a movie all cosy with a cup of tea and maybe even some nice biscuits!

37) What is your favourite kind of exercise? I haven’t always loved exercise to be honest but recently in lockdown I have grown to really enjoy doing a daily at home HIIT workout which are so great!

38) What was your worst school subject? This was 100% maths and science, I was awful at both throughout the whole of high school and haven’t gotten any better haha.

39) What is your spirit animal? I would say a cat because I can be quite independant and enjoy my own space but at the same time when I want attention, I really want it! I feel like that is very similar to a cat.

40) What do you eat for breakfast? Now this varies from day to day but my absolute fave at the moment is greek yhogurt with granola and of course a coffee which fills me up ready for the day.

41) What do you eat for dinner? Obviously this varies a lot as well but my absolute favourite food ever is pasta so any pasta dish!

42) Cooking or baking? 100% baking! I cannot cook to save my life and just love sweet treats.

43) What are your favourite baked goods? That is easy, brownies!

44) What is one thing that you wish you were good at? I really wish that I was better at being more social sometimes because I can be such an introvert which doesn’t always help me in certain situations.

45) Skiing or surfing? Literally neither haha!

46) Your first celebrity crush? I’m not sure he was my first but the only one I can really remember is Zac Efron in high school musical.

47) Your most recent celebrity crush? I’m not actually sure of his name but I would probably say the actor that plays Justin in 13 reasons why but I dont really have many now to be honest.

48) What colour was your prom dress? I actually didnt go to prom so I cant answer that one unfortunately.

49) How do you manage stress? Ooh usually if I can I will listen to some of my favourite music or if it’s something more serious that is stressing me out then I will talk to someone close about it.

50) What do you do to relax? This is quite similar I guess but I again maybe listen to some music, watch tv/youtube or honestly shopping which is really bad!

51) The age you were at your first kiss? I was 16 actually which to some people may be quite late?

52) The place of your first kiss? It was at home which is so boring!

53) What is your favourite fashion trend? If it counts I would say I have been really enjoying both loungewear and tie dye recently.

54) What is the best fashion advice you have ever been given? 100% that you shouldn’t ever feel the need to like or follow every single trend! I’ve never really been the person to wear the trendiest of clothes.

55) A trend that I would like to see disappear? I wouldn’t necessarily like it to disappear because each to their own you know but I’m personally not the biggest fan of the puffy sleeves that have become more popular.

56) Shoes or bags? I definitely have a bigger love for shoes and if I could, I would have literally hundreds of pairs!

57) How do you know you’re in love? I mean I’ve only ever been in one relationship but I think it does just come down to the typical butterflies or gut feeling to be honest.

58) A tv show that you recently binged? I have been watching a lot of series throughout lockdown but I would say my two faves have been 13 reasons why and selling sunset which is about real estate in America but there is so much drama!

59) What cheers you up? Always either Jack or my Mum. They are both great at cheering me up🥰.

60) What is something that you learnt the hard way? That is a hard one to be honest but maybe I would say that being kind is good but only to a certain extent.

61) What is something that you would make a documentary about? This is something that I would genuinely love to do one day and I would probably make it about the dark side/behind the scenes of social media.

62) What is your biggest weakness? That is definitely self doubt, I am awful for always having a level of doubt about anything that I do (my own biggest critic).

63) What is your biggest strength? I would probably say my honesty and positivity. I seem to have picked up the ability to be quite positive in most situations although obviously I have my bad days just like everyone else!

64) What is your favourite cocktail? Cocktails are one of the only alcoholic drinks that I will drink and my fave is a woo woo.

65) 3 Words that you would use to describe living in West Sussex? Ooh definitely seaside because that is the best bit, calm and community because it does feel like everyone knows each other and is willing to get involved and help.

66) What is the cutest thing on earth? Oh wow I would 100% say either cats or babies. The baby fever is real at the moment!

67) One piece of advice for your future kids? I definitely want them to make sure that they do whatever makes them happy and not to live through anyone else.

68) A good first date idea? I think that either mini golf or bowling or just some kind of activity is best because there will always be something to talk about. I would not recommend the cinema for a first date though!

69) What is your favourite flower? I absolutely love Roses, they are beautiful!

70) What do you first notice about people? I always notice peoples eyes and maybe their hair too, it all depends I guess.

71) What is your favourite colour? I definitely love pink and grey most and they compliment each other so nicely as well.

72) What is your guilty pleasure? This is a hard one but the only thing i can really think of is watching and enjoying reality tv shows probably a bit more than I should but they are a great easy watch!

73) And finally, What are your plans for the weekend? This weekend coming up I am actually going to be seeing some family, socially distanced of course and just chilling really which will be really nice!

So that is all of vogue’s 73 quickfire questions! That was quite a long one so if you made it to the end, thank you and hopefully you learnt a thing or two about me that you maybe didnt know before! Thank you so much for reading, if you did enjoy then please dont forget to follow and check out my socials which will be linked down below. Goodbye!💕

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Finally going cruelty free + my beauty recommendations🌸

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! I haven’t been very active recently because I have had a bit of writers block and haven’t been sure what I have wanted to post to be honest so if there is anything that you would like to read then please do let me know! Anyway today I wanted to finally publish a post all about why I have decided to go cruelty free. I have been waiting to share this for a while and I have finally experimented enough to be able to share my favourite products so let’s get into it!


Why I decided to go cruelty free

So as some of you may know, I have actually been vegetarian since I was maybe 8 years old and it was definitely the right choice for me. I have never really liked the idea of eating meat, I don’t know why but it just weirds me out thinking about it for some reason and I have been happy ever since! However as I have gotten older, I have obviously become more aware of things and more educated which had made me realise that actually what I was doing no longer felt completely right purely because of my absolute love for animals. So I did my research and actually from January of this year I decided to completely change my habits around and began only using cruelty free beauty products/brands because I do use a lot of different products and am always wearing makeup usually. I have really enjoyed experimenting with new products all over again actually even though it has taken me a while to find the right ones for me but I am mostly there now so I thought that I would finally share my thoughts on here and also include some of my favourite things that I have discovered in case any of you out there are vegan or are just thinking about maybe making some similar changes!

Makeup favourites

In terms of makeup I haven’t yet managed to discover a full face but I have most things so will just be sharing a few of my recent favourites.

So firstly, the best foundation that I have tried so far is the photofocus stick foundation by Wet n Wild and I use the shade soft ivory. I am a big fan of stick foundations, I prefer them over liquid ones sometimes and I do really like this one so far however it is quite sheer I think. I’m used to using a reasonably high coverage foundation so the only thing I would say is if you’re looking for high coverage, I would recommend trying something else but overall I do really enjoy using this as a base (especially while the weather is warm)!

Another favourite of mine is the supersize conceal and define concealer by Revolution. Since going cruelty free, Revolution has been a brand that I have loved as a whole but I do really love this concealer because it’s got such good coverage for them under eye bags and is such an affordable product! Revolution as a brand is actually very affordable so I would say it is a good starting point if you are wanting to experiment with and find good cruelty free companies. I use the shade c1 again just because of how pale I am but I believe they have quite a good shade range so I would definitely recommend!

The last makeup product that I wanted to include in this post is actually a cream highlighter which I never used to use at all! This one is by a brand called dwtn Paris which I have never seen before and I believe it is quite pricey but it has truly changed my opinion on cream products. I got sent this in a glossybox a few months back and have been trying it out since and I just think it’s such a nice subtle champagne kind of highlight to apply before your base for that extra little glow.

Wet n Wild foundation – £5.99// Revolution concealer – £7// Dwtn Paris highlighter – €22

So those are all of the makeup products that I wanted to share today but I have also got some other random kind of skincare products too because to be honest I have found it much easier to find good cruelty free companies that work for my skin!

So my new absolute favourite thing and the best find by far is the Rightguard foam and oil shower foam. So far I have tried two different scents of this, almond and magnolia and cocoa butter and they both smell incredible and leave my skin so unbelievably smooth! This company is so affordable (I found this in savers) and definitely feels quite luxurious to use when shaving in the shower.

Something that I have been using daily for probably about a month now is this moisturising facial wash by simple which I had no idea was even cruelty free! I have used and loved simples products for years now but I recently discovered that this face wash was 100% soap free and so is good for sensitive skin like mine. It has made my face so soft so I definitely recommend as an everyday cleanser!

The last thing that I wanted to mention in this post is actually a hair mask and is the hair mask, scalp treatment and miracle shampoo by mudmasky which I also recieved in a glossybox. I was really excited to try this because I have such thick and dry hair and after literally one use, it was so soft and silky! The difference was unbelievable so if you are struggling with dry and unhealthy hair you should definitely try this as a treatment!

Rightguard Foam – £1// Simple face wash – £1.50// Mudmasky Hair Mask – £21.50

And those are all of my favourite cruelty free products so far and I am going to continue trying out new things and figuring out what works for me but I’m pretty happy with how it’s gone so far! I am definitely open to suggestions/discovering new brands though so if you guys know of any then please do let me know in the comments, that would be most appreciated. I hope that this post has been helpful to any of you that may have been wanting to go cruelty free for a while now and I hope that you have enjoyed! If you have then please be sure to follow and check out my socials which are always linked below. Goodbye! 💕


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TV shows that I have binge watched during lockdown

Hello everyone and welcome back! I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well! I only realised a couple of days ago that while being at home I have watched so many series that I have wanted to watch for a while and I have really enjoyed them all so I thought that I would share them on here. I have made a note of various shows that are either on bbc iplayer, netflix or disney+ so let’s get into it!


So I’ve got to say I dont think that there has been a whole lot of new shows to watch on netflix that are my kind of thing but I have enjoyed a couple. My favourite of the ones that I have watched has got to be ‘Never have I ever’ which is essentially just another one of those easy to watch teenage dramas that you would usually find on like disney channel. Those are the shows that always get me because I have the worst attention span ever so I loved this! It’s about an indian girl that lives in America and struggles to fit in and come to terms of her culture and family in her daily life.

Another thing that I was absolutely hooked on is ‘Too hot to handle’ which I think I have mentioned in a previous post so if you want a more in depth explanation then go and give that a read but it is a very trashy reality dating show. The best way I can describe it is a bit like love island but with more restrictions and honestly there is so much drama, I just love it!

The final thing that I would recommend on netflix is ‘Murder to mystery – Cyntoia Brown story’. This is a true crime documentary about one of the most interesting cases of a teenage girl going to prison for harming someone that was essentially holding her hostage. Now I dont normally enjoy crime documentaries at all because of how dark they can be but this story has always interested me so if you tend to enjoy thos kind of things then I would definitely recommend.

BBC Iplayer

Next up I have some recommendations for BBC iplayer which is completely free to download, you just need a tv licence and there are so many amazing shows on here! Firstly I just had to mention once again the fact that I have been making my way through ‘Waterloo road’ for months now and I am finally 4 episodes away from finishing the entire 10 series and I have really enjoyed it! It is a typical british school drama but it’s great and quite relatable at certain points too.

Another drama that I would highly recommend on there is ‘The A word’. This is about the life through the perspective of a little autistic boy and how it affects his family and the people around him. I really like it though and I think the acting is amazing, especially by the main character!

The last thing that is my absolute favourite is ‘glow up’. Glow up is basically where a load of very talented makeup artists compete for an artistry contract to be won at the end and it is right up my street. If you are also a fan of makeup or stacey dooley then I really recommend because she presents it!


Lastly on disney+, I am pretty much still watching the same shows from my original disney post when it first launched. I am still absolutely loving diary of a future president because it’s another kind of trashy teenage drama and my other recommendation would be be our chef. This is a family cooking competition but it is really gripping and an easy watch but you should definitely have a disney marathon if you have Disney plus because it is amazing!

So those are all of my current recommendations of bingeworthy tv shows at the moment. I hope you have enjoyed, if you have then dont forget to leave a like and be sure to check out my socials below for even more content! Thank you for reading, goodbye! 💕


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My self care routine for #selfcaresunday🥰


Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! I hope you are all doing well and looking after yourselves which is actually what todays post is all about. During quarantine, I have decided to use all of this free time to really pamper myself and focus on skincare and self love. While I have been doing this a little bit every day, I have always used sundays as a whole day to refresh myself and get ready for the week ahead so I thought that I would share with you all a rough outline of my #selfcaresunday. Let’s do it!

A slow morning

So to start my sunday off I will usually have a much slower morning than normal. Firstly I will make my favourite breakfast which at the moment is literally just boring buttered toast and my usual mocha Nescafe, I love it! Whilst I am eating I will then just watch some youtube videos (usually vlogs) and actually write a loose list of things that I want to get done in the coming week. Unfortunately at the moment that list kind of just consists of blog post plans and recipes to bake haha but I’m totally fine with that! Once I have finished my breakfast, I will always make my bed because that just always makes me feel so much better and makes the room seem tidier and I have found recently actually that I enjoy going for my walk in the morning too so I will just get ready for that.

Pamper time

Now this time that I take to just pamper myself is my absolute favourite part of every sunday! So after I have been on my walk, I tend to have a shower to freshen up and this is also the day that I will wash and condition my hair whilst in the shower and it feels so soft afterwards! Then I will go ahead and cleanse (with my fave new face wash) and moisturise my face and body. I feel like I have finally got to a point where I’m happy with my skincare routine and these are some of my favourite products at the moment!

Wind down (evening)

Once it gets to the evening, I always make sure that I make one of my favourite meals and this week I decided to make a homemade pizza with fresh mozzarella and it was so good! By this point I would have already been in some comfy pyjamas since getting out of the shower which I feel like is quite a common occurrence at the moment and I’m not complaining! Sometimes, if I feel like my skin needs it, I might do a face mask which I do really enjoy but didnt do this time just because my skin thankfully hasn’t been as dry recently. Then finally to end the day, I will always make me and Jack a cup of tea, cut a slice of whatever cake it is that I have made and just chill out. We will just get comfy and watch our favourite tv show which at the moment is Waterloo Road and we have finally nearly finished it. We are halfway through the last series!

So that is my self care sunday routine, I hope you have enjoyed! I am aware that there is nothing special about this routine but I just thought that I would share it with you all while we have the time to spend that extra bit of time taking care of ourselves, physically and mentally. If you have enjoyed then dont forget to like and follow my socials below for more content! Goodbye!


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My current favourite apps📱

Hello everybody I hope you’re all doing well! Welcome back to my blog! So for todays post I was a bit unsure about what to post and what would actually be useful or enjoyable in the current circumstances. In the end I have decided to talk to you all about my favourite apps that I have been using a lot while at home more and have absolutely loved for different reasons. Let’s get into it!

Canva stories

The first app that I wanted to mention is canva stories which is essentially an app full of templates and inspiration for instagram. If you follow me over on instagram (@laurencooper_1), then you will know that I have been making an effort to post more content while I have the time and this has helped! I’m not great at graphic design so the variety of templates available on here have made it so easy for me to create my own shareables. The best thing is that you can access so much content for free, there is no need to pay for anything!


Now pinterest is a more well known social media app and it is extremely helpful for bloggers. It can help to drive so much traffic to your blog or online business but even if you dont have one of those, it can just be a great source of inspiration and is so much fun to use! You can literally find creative ideas for anything on pinterest so I like to use it to find new recipes to bake, interior inspiration and positive quotes. Feel free to follow me over there for various boards of inspiration!


The next app that I have been enjoying a lot is duolingo which I have spoken a lot about on previous posts so I will be brief with this one. I use this to learn spanish personally but there are a whole host of languages that you can learn using this and it is such a simple process! You take lessons that help with both vocabulary and grammar and they are so helpful, I would definitely recommend if you are looking to learn a new skill at the moment.

Theory 4 in 1

And finally, I have been using this app a hell of a lot recently to practice driving theory so that I can hopefully take my test as soon as this is all over. So this is one that’s useful for any learner drivers! This app is initially free but you do have to pay £10 to unlock all of the content but the variety of practice questions is amazing and I think it is so worth it! I feel so prepared already and dont feel the need to use anything else to help because you can take mock tests on this too!

And those are all of the apps that I have been enjoying using at the moment, aside from all of the obvious social media ones. Thank you very much for reading, I hope you have enjoyed! If you did then dont forget to give the blog a follow and check out my socials below. Goodbye!

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The 12 best instagram accounts for inspiration🌟

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! I hope you are all doing well! So for todays post I thought that I would share some of my favourite instagram accounts at the moment and they are all pages that are great for inspiration for different things. I am loving the content of these amazing accounts so just wanted to share with you all..let’s get into it!

Motivational quotes


– The first quotes page that I have found helpful is @positivedelight because they just post loads of positive quotes that are honestly so refreshing to read when you’re feeling a bit off so I would recommend if you struggle with positivity!

– Next up is @thehappynewspaper which I have spoken about in a previous post but this page is one of my favourites ever because they dont just share quotes, they also share positive news (whether big or small). That is also refreshing to see in a world where the actual news is often very negative and something that I need to distance myself from!

– Lastly for quotes, I would recommend @girlsbuildingempires to any ladies out there trying to do your thing and find your way! This page is just full of quotes and messages to motivate girl bosses and remind you all of your worth if ever you forget!

Interior/home decor


Now home decor is a huge interest of mine and I realise that it is a bit niche but I follow some great interior accounts so I still wanted to share in case anyone is in the midst of moving or decorating!

– Brogan Tate is a lifestyle youtuber that I have been watching for years now but she has recently bought her first house with her boyfriend and they have been documenting their renovations on @brogantatehome. She is my absolute fave and shares a load of tips for buying home related things on a budget and her house is beautiful!

– Another youtuber that has also recently bought her first place and has been documenting renovations is @gabbieshome. She has been renovating her gorgeous flat in Brighton and has a very sophisticated and sleek style so I would 100% recommend!

– The best one in my opinion though visually is @roomporn. This account is full of random decorated spaces from all over the world and of all different styles and it is so good! If you are a home decor lover, you will love this.



– @Earthpix is by far my favourite travel account that I follow, it is full of amazing photography from all over the world. It really does fuel the feeling of wanderlust!

– @Beauty_spectrum is another youtuber that I love but she she actually travels a lot and always documents the incredible places that she sees both on instagram and in vlogs! Earlier this year, she travelled australia and the photos are so beautiful so definitely check her out!


– The main account that I would recommend to any makeup lovers for inspiration is @Nikkietutorials. She creates the most creative and insane makeup looks and I just love the confidence that radiates off of her and her skill set!

– I also absolutely love all of the beauty related content created by both @hanxrenee and @jordanlipscombee. These lovely girls are friends and both are incredibly talented with makeup so I love seeing all of their looks for inspiration. I would 100% recommend!

And those are all of the accounts that I am going to be sharing today! I hope you enjoyed, I thought that this was the perfect time to write about this as we are all probably spending a lot more time on social media at the moment! If you did then dont forget to follow and check out my socials which are always written below. Also let me know if there are any instagram accounts that you guys would recommend because I would love to discover more! Goodbye! 💕


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My Morning Routine (quarantine edition)🌤

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog, I hope you are doing well! Today I am going to be talking you through my current morning routine while staying safe at home and this is obviously very different from my normal morning routine because I dont have to get up and ready for work at the moment so if you would like to see that once I am back then I can definitely do that. I am also aware that routine isnt for everyone but I do personally find it very helpful so if you are like me then you may find this helpful. But for now let’s get into my current morning routine!

Wake Up

So since we were told to stay safe at home, I decided to set a daily alarm for 10:00 in the morning which isnt exactly early but I have found that it is the perfect time for me to still be productive. Once my alarm goes, I will just lay in bed for another 20 minutes to check my socials and reply to any messages and that is my favourite way to start off the day, while the house is still quiet!

Breakfast Time

After I have checked my phone and woken up enough, I will then always make breakfast without a doubt because it is by far my favourite meal of the day! Breakfast will vary each day but my favourite at the moment is greek yhogurt with granola and I just put a sprinkle of coconut on the top which is so good. Then I will also make a coffee to have with my food and this is always a Nescafe mocha sachet one and no others! This is my absolute favourite hot coffee so I literally never change it up haha. Then once I have made that, I usually just take it upstairs and watch some youtube videos or a livestream while I eat.

Something For The Mind

Straight after breakfast I like to also do something to make my brain work which for now is my daily spanish lesson! So I will usually complete roughly 30 mins of lessons on Duolingo which I did also mention in my post about ways that I am keeping myself entertained so if you want to know more about the app, then be sure to go and read that. But I have really been enjoying learning a second language and feel very productive for it that’s for sure!

Getting Ready

Usually by the time I have done all of that, it is about 11:00 in the morning which is when I will get changed into some fresh loungewear, wash and brush my teeth and at least do my skincare routine and put makeup on if I feel like it. This all makes me feel ready for my day then and motivates me much more!

And that is my morning routine for during self isolation! It’s nothing exciting but it’s what works for me so I hope that you have either got some inspiration if you want to be productive or have just enjoyed reading! If you like what you see then dont forget to follow and check out my social handles which are always written below. Thank you and goodbye! 💕


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My Recent Obsessions😍

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog and if you’re new here then welcome, I hope you enjoy! Recently I have discovered a few new products and things that I have been really enjoying so I thought that I would share them with you because they may be quite good during self isolation. So let’s get into it!

Beauty and skincare

So obviously I haven’t been wearing make up every day like I was before because I’m inside a lot more and have kind of taken the opportunity to give my skin a breather but I have discovered a new product. I received a subscription box from Roccabox last month which is a great service actually and in that box was a lovely lip gloss! Lip glosses are my favourite lip products to wear so I knew I was going to enjoy this one, it is a plumping gloss by Code beautiful which I had never heard of before. It is £20 on their site which is expensive but I have loved this one though, I have worn it everyday that I have been bothered to put on makeup and the colour is nice and natural as well!

The one skincare product that I have been enjoying was also in that same box and is the Dr Botanicals lemon superfood cream. Firstly I love the packaging of this product but the cream itself is amazing! I have previously mentioned this on instagram but it is great for any really dry patches of skin and literally smells of fresh lemon which is lovely! The only thing is I think that buying this on it’s own in store can work out quite expensive also because it is £15 on beautybay but I think that if you have dry skin, it’s definitely worth it!

TV Shows

Next on my list, I 100% wanted to share a few tv shows that I have recently discovered but have been literally obsessed with and completely binge watched! So I wrote an entire post all about Disney+ not too long ago and I am still absolutely loving High school musical the series but the new episodes come out weekly every friday which is annoying to wait for haha. However since that post I have discovered another series called diary of a future president which is a classic Disney channel style show about a female president documenting her journey through middle school in America. I’m not sure why but after one episode I just loved this and it is such an easy watch for late at night so I would definitely recommend!

The other show that I actually only found out about a few days ago is Too hot to handle on Netflix. This is a very different kind of show and is definitely not for children! This show is basically a spin on Love island so if you like that then you will enjoy this, a load of single people join a house together for a month and will couple up and all of that but the main difference is that they aren’t allowed to kiss or do any kind of sexual touching and it’s amazing! I’m only a couple of episodes in and theres so much drama already!

Random Obsessions

Lastly I just have a couple of very random things that I have been enjoying and I guess they have made staying at home that little bit easier. The main thing which you will already know about if you follow me on instagram, is baking. I have seemed to suddenly have just developed a love for baking and that is great because my cooking skills have honestly got so much better as a result and the cakes are so yummy but it’s not so good for the stomach and hips! I will say though if you are into baking or want to give it a go, Lidls baking ingredients are such great value especially when you’re having to replace things like flour every few days so definitely go there if you can.

Another new thing that I have been doing is playing my fiances nintendo switch which he has loved I’m sure! We recently bought Super Mario Odyssey and having always been a mario fan, I love it. Personally I love the idea of having to run around and find all of the moons but I have found it quite difficult as someone that doesn’t game much and I am still yet to complete it but I would recommend if you enjoy your games! Nintendo switch games are much more expensive than I had expected though, this one was £49.99!

Okay my last obsession for today is my new baby which is a new mug that I randomly found in the Morrisons home section. This mug is very pretty and pink which I absolutely love because it’s great for photos on the gram and also it’s the perfect size for my morning coffee which if you are a mug fan or hoarder, you will also know all about the perfect mug size and shape! It was actually in the sale for £1.50 which is so great considering it looks so much more expensive I think!

So there you have it, those are all of my current obsessions at the moment. I really enjoy sharing things that I am loving but I dont often have loads at once so I will probably do one of these every couple of months to give things a chance to change. However I hope that you have enjoyed reading today, if you have then please do follow as it will help me out massively! I will be back on monday with another post so be sure to give my socials a follow to be notified when I post! Thank you, goodbye!💕


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Bake with me: Classic school sponge cake🍰

Hello everybody, welcome back and I hope you are all doing well! Recently I have been doing a LOT of baking to keep myself occupied while staying safe at home and it is actually quite therapeutic and fun so I thought I would share my favourite recipe with you all! In todays post, I will be baking a classic sponge cake that you used to get if you had school dinners when you were younger in the uk! It is so yummy and is my favourite because you can literally add anything you like to it and make it whatever you fancy so let’s get baking!

Cake recipe

– 200g butter (7/8ths of a cup)

– 175g caster sugar (3/4 cup)

– 1 tsp vanilla extract

– 3 eggs

– 200g self raising flour (1+3/4 cups)

Let’s bake

This recipe is so ridiculously simple so I literally just put all of the measured out ingredients into my mixing bowl and I currently dont have an electric whisk unfortunately, so I use elbow grease to mix until they are all combined and my arm aches! Then I just use a little bit of butter to grease the bottom and sides of my cake tin because this bad boy raises a lot when baking. Once all of the mixture has been poured into the cake tin, I always bake it for 20 minutes on 200 degrees and then do the classic prick test to see if the inside is cooked through. If it isnt (it usually isnt yet) I will cover the top with some foil to prevent burning and bake for another 10 minutes roughly. After I have taken it out of the oven to cool, we need to make some icing!


– 225g icing sugar (1+3/4 cups)

– 2-3 tsp water

– optional food colouring

– Optional sprinkles

Now I discovered that making the perfect icing is quite difficult because you dint want to add too much water and end up with really runny icing so I add this really gradually. I slowly add icing sugar and mix with a dash of water until I have enough and it is the smooth consistency that I want! Today I decided to add a drop of red food colouring as well just because I like pink and wanted to make it a bit different but you could add any colour you like and if you are more creative than me, you could even add some sprinkles.

Once the cake has cooled, I just drizzle the icing over the top and smooth across the whole cake with a spoon to ensure that it is covered and then I leave it to set until I’m ready for a slice and a cup of tea later!

So guys, that is the recipe for a classic school sponge which is very fluffy and yummy. I know this is incredibly easy to bake in the grand scheme of things but for someone like me that cant bake, it’s so great! Nevertheless I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and have maybe even discovered a new recipe to try..if you have then be sure to tag me on my socials which are always linked below. Thank you for reading and dont forget to follow if you enjoyed! Goodbye!